• Hi!
    I'm Rafaela

  • I am

    an detail-orientated person and am keen on expanding my skills and knowledge in design and technology.

About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Rafaela Tham , a graduating third year Business Information Technology student from Singapore Polytechnic.

I am a motivated, detail-orientated graduate seeking to leverage and build experience in UI/UX design, writing and IT skills in related fields.

I'm keen to expand my skills and knowledge in these area, and I'm prepared to work in a variety of roles if required.

In my free time, I enjoy learning music pieces or instruments, and designing websites or artworks.

My Specialty



Adobe Illustrator


Adobe XD





Data Analytics





Business Marketing & Branding


Social Media Marketing



What I do?

Here are some of skills

UI/UX Design

Low to High Fidelity Design/Prototyping

Persona and Usability Testing



Predictive Analytics with Linear Models and Decision Trees

Data Visualisation with Tableau





Video editing


Front-end development of medium fitality prototypes

Website Development with Angular




I have just completed my 3 years of polytechnic education. Through my course of study, I have covered:

    Business modules
  • Business Marketing and Branding
  • Business Planning
    Design modules
  • Interaction and Visual Design
  • Infographics
    Programming modules
  • Web Client Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
    Analytics modules
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics

CHIJ ST. NICHOLAS GIRLS' SCHOOL , where I sat for and completed my GCE O'levels.


Work Experience

Marketing Trainee 2019

Stone Forest IT. Provided support in event management and execution - including pre and post event logistics such as handling online registration and interacting and answering any enquiries from participants. I was also tasked with the management and updating of communication materials. In addition, email blasting & maintenance and development of databases were also tasks that were assigned to me. Lastly, I was in charge of managing the company's social media by being involved in content ideation and creation.

Sales Assistant 2017

Beautehub International Pte Ltd. Promoted products to potential customers and answered their enquiries. Assisted consultants and helped out in logistics such as setting up and tearing down of event booth.

Administrative Staff 2017

CTC Corporate Management Pte Ltd. Handled administrative matters in the company, from secretarial work to enquiry calls from clients. Efficient communication was required within the team.


Recent Work

DESIGN PROJECT - Digital Resume

November 2019 | Illustration | 4

For this project, I was tasked to apply creative thinking and conceptualize a infographic resume to show my credentials in a visual format. I was also required to illustrate a self-portrait using Adobe Illustrator, and include it in the resume. I was inspired by a movie poster I found, and felt that it was good to display the contents of my resume as a school locker. I chose a "high school" concept for my resume as it was relevant to me at that point in time. Design wise, it gave me much more room to showcase the contents in different creative ways.


February 2020 | Graphic | 4

For this project, I was tasked to create an infographic based on a chosen theme. The topic I chose to do after research was the Sporting scene in Singapore. Afterwards, I proceeded to craft out survey questions to collect data from Singaporeans about their views on Singapore as a sporting city. Once I had sufficient data, I drafted out a sketch and a wireframe of how I wanted my infographic to look like. To make the infographic interesting and more relevant to the topic, I used elements of sports to display information, and applied visual imagery to tell a story.

FINAL YEAR PROJECT - Designing/development of Digital Records Management System

sales dashboard

Sales Dashboard

sales dashboardForm to add a record sales dashboard

File upload page

sales dashboard

View added record

OCTOBER 2019 - FEBRUARY 2020 | UI/UX Design | 4

For my Final Year Project (FYP), I was tasked to design the UI/UX of a digital records management system and develop it as a web application. It was to act as a "glorified dropbox", where the application would have the ability to store, add, remove and edit records, such that these records would be easily retrievable during future company audits.

The initial phase was where we designed the UI/UX of the system, based on the information and research provided to us by the client. This phase included processes such as persona creation, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing. As it was meant to be a professional platform, the design of the pages were kept simple and clean. The team also designed the pages according to the demographics of the target user group. Above are examples of the pages that we created for the web application.

The final phase involves refining of the high fidelity wireframes, before we proceed to develop the system into a web application. For this project, we utilised Angular to code the web application out, and PrimeNG as our supporting CSS library.